Sports Marketing Blog: Week of 2/25/18

The NCAA Showcases Its Marketing Muscles During March Madness


Although the NCAA is a non-profit organization, they have done an exceptional job at marketing its March Madness men’s college basketball tournament, which is celebrating its 80th year. March Madness has become the most popular sports showcase for advertisers. The first thing that the NCAA has done to build their brand is with catchy names for the events such as March Madness, Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final Four, and Selection Sunday, which is the day the bracket is chosen. Consumers create hype for these events buy word-of-mouth, social media, buying branded products, hosting or attending branded parties, and participating in “bracket pools.” March Madness has also gained large amounts of media coverage over the last few years. They now have four television networks and many online websites, which enables fans to tune in from anywhere, with any of their devices. NCAA also greatly relies on social media, specifically Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, for marketing these events. Overall, the NCAA has done a superb job at creating their names and slogans, applying brand and promotion techniques, creates contests and apps, and providing fans with a tradition.

Experiential Marketing Blog: Week of 2/18/18

Experiential Marketing Blog

People of Generation Z are spending their money differently than generations before.  Opposed to previous generations buying tangible items, Generation Z is spending their money on experiences such as concerts and various events.  They would rather spend money on memories as opposed to materials.  With that, a struggle has come apparent as to how to exactly market such experiences to Generation Z.  In this article, the writer laid out five strategic ways to market events and experiences.  Ultimately, you want to make this an experience that they will never forget, and you can do so by following these steps:
1    Segment your target audience by using psychographics.
2    Focus the campaign on giving the customer something.
3    Use promotions, such as contests and sweepstakes, to attract people to the event.
4    Give out free merchandise (everyone likes free stuff).
5    Take A LOT of photos and video. 
Ultimately, attracting Generation Z to events is much like the saying “if you build it, they will come”.  If you give them reasons to be excited about your event or product by ways of experiential marketing, they will ultimately gain interest and participate.  Think about these five tips next time you want to attract Generation Z’ers.

Digital Marketing Blog: Week of 2/18/18 
Staying up to date with the current digital marketing trends are a great way to keep performing efficiently. Facebook reports from 2017 are somewhat shocking. In the reports, it was found that people are spending less time on Facebook then in years past. Since people are spending less time on Facebook, ads are expected to go up in cost. Facebook is announcing a few changes, portal to take on Alexa and Google Home, to bring in more money. For twitter, if companies plan it out correctly, they can get there brand out there in the “moments” section on indiuvals twitter feed. Twitter is also working on making it easier to share videos. Once it becomes easier, this is a great way for companies to get those ad videos on people’s feeds to spark their interest. The last popular social media app talked about is Instagram. With instagram stories changing pretty often, Instagram as officially has more users than Snapchat does. This is huge because Instagram is going off of Snapchat having their stories first. Instagram has a few benefits that companies who are looking into digital marketing their company or brand should be aware of. Instagram has the recommended ads now that pop up on users news feed as they are scrolling by. Some people may be annoyed with these ads, but they are working because they are becoming more popular. Also, Instagram is going to be launching a new feature. Business companies will be able to schedule when ads or post will be published. This is interesting because companies can have it set up to post more often to get their company or brand out there more. The last thing mentioned in the article is about Google. Google has stayed pretty still with their ways but they have launched a new console which includes more data and analytics. They are also making it easier to find what users are looking for by putting the most relevant information at the top and working its way down. This will be useful for about almost every Google user. 

Market Research Blog: Week of 2/18/18

Chipotle’s New CEO


Recently Chipotle named its new CEO, Brain Niccol is the former Taco Bell chief. Many say that this is going against Chipotle’s model and a very risky choice. Taco Bell and Chipotle are practically on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to fast Mexican food. Taco Bell is the champion of wacky combinations of cheap food, and offers a quick drive thru window at most of their stores. Taco Bell however, does have more modern restaurants that are more suited for sit down dinners. Although, when it comes down to a more sit down experience of fresh high quality food the reigning champion would be Chipotle. They pride themselves on locally grow food that is in front of you like subway as fresh food presented as an assembly line of food. After creating their own customer’s burrito or tacos that customers can sit and enjoy a clean and welcoming environment that chipotle has created inside each store. Chipotle is more like a Panera as to where Taco Bell is more along the lines of a Burger King. It will be very interesting to see what changes the former taco bell executive brings to Chipotle’s struggling company. Chipotle stated that following in response to the media “From the beginning of the search for a new CEO, we noted that we wanted an experienced leader with a passion for driving excellence across every aspect of our business, and that was a top consideration for the search committee throughout the process. We are confident we found that in Brain Niccol, who himself noted: “I have a tremendous respect for the Chipotle brand and its powerful purpose.” We’re confident with where we landed through this process.” So, the question remains can Brain make the jump from Taco Bell to Chipotle and continue to improve and grow a very different brand. It will be interesting to see how Ells the founder of chipotle steps down to chairman and the transition to Brain Niccol. Will these two play well together? What changes will Chipotle make to its menu? Please leave a comment with your 2 cents below.

Sports Marketing Blog: Week of 2/18/18

Winter Olympics Make Sponsors Bring Their Marketing A-Game


The Olympics is one of the most visible global marketing stages for brands that have money to spend. This year for the 2018 Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics, there are 11 official sponsors including Samsung and Coca-Cola. Philip Dobbs, the CMO for Bridgestone Americas, said, “the Olympics provide the brand incredible marketing value because Bridgestone has goals during the games to grow business in both new and existing markets.” Several different companies are using their Olympic sponsorship to send a different message to viewers. For example, Coca-Cola will be using their advertising time to simply focus on the “pleasure of drinking Coca-Cola,” while companies like Samsung, who is using their brand marketing position to “support anyone who faces barriers and has the courage to overcome them.” Something to note about not being an Olympic sponsor is that, if your company is not an official sponsor of the Olympics, you cannot provide social media commentary such as salutations to athletes, hashtags, or anything that would directly or indirectly associate your brand with the Olympics. Overall, the Olympics have proven to be a great way for global companies to advertise in many different ways. As said by Dobbs, “the partnership provides opportunities to engage directly with fans around their passion points – to educate them not only about our innovative products and technologies but also about what we stand for as a company.”


Snapchat Version 10.25

The social media network Snapchat which is loved by millions rolled out its new platform layout early last week, and with much surprise this new design has received a great deal of resentment. This update has been its largest since the launch in 2011. Snapchat’s young adult following is the center piece of this outrage with nearly half a million signatures on a petition to remove the new Snapchat update. There was even a fake tweet claiming that Snapchat would revert to its old design; this tweet got over a million retweets and became the sixth most retweeted tweet of all time. Version 10.25 is creating such a storm here is a couple of my favorite headlines so far:

·       Snapchat’s New Update Triggers Revolt by Millions of Teens

·       Here’s how to get rid of that terrible Snapchat update

·       How to use the new Snapchat 2018 update that’s people’s February

·       Celebs HATE the New Snapchat Update

·       Snapchat users are Furious over new update

Snapchat clearly has its hands full with the public but how are things going for the business itself? Over the best year Snapchat’s Stock price has dropped from $27 in March 2017 to $18 as of Feb 2018. With finances a little rocky the question remains as to whether it was smart to release a new update that could accelerate the companies down fall. In my personal opinion, the new version is not nearly as user friendly and snapchat should explore a new route. Drop a comment and let us know your thoughts.

Experiential Marketing Blog: Week of 2/11/18

Promoting Your Event on Facebook

Facebook is used by over 1 billion people, which is an enormous number but sometimes reaching people isn’t as easy as it seems it would be. This social media platform can be a great tool for promoting an event but there is a certain niche to promoting effectively. If your event page is set up well, it will be far more successful.  To start your successful page, choose a vibrant and exciting cover photo that will catch potential-attendees eyes. If it catches their eyes, chances are it will catch their friends’ eyes if they choose to share with others on Facebook. Secondly, choose the event name carefully. You will want something short but striking. Many Facebook users use the site on a mobile device which makes for a smaller screen; long titles will be cut short and passed by quickly. Next, make sure you have enough data in your event to help Facebook recommend it to users based on their interests. Some things to look at would be selecting the correct category, tags, demographic information, and avoiding sending out too many notifications that could potentially turn away attendees (you can always send out an update email or message with an important event change). Also, make sure there is sufficient data within the event page (date, time, place, etc.) so attendees are fully informed. Lastly, make use of your company page by promoting these events on there. Your company page isn’t a page that will come and go such as a Facebook event page, so this is a perfect way to reach the people already interested in these events and such that your company runs. Sharing content on your page about pre-event information could create excitement from standing attendees, helping to spread the word. Consider having a module in easy eyesight on the homepage for upcoming events. Take advantage of each space your event could be shown on. Facebook is used by the most users but it wouldn’t hurt to be putting your event out there on other platforms as well. Overall, using correct substance, advertising, and omni-channel event promotion can be a very beneficial way of getting people interested in your events. Best of luck to you in your next event promotion!


Why Netflix isn’t Getting into Sports

There is a high demand for live streaming services for major league sports. So why doesn’t Netflix gain streaming rights of sports events for its subscribers. Netflix has the funds to afford such an expensive purchase, however, they just aren’t interested. Amazon and Facebook have already begun to get into the sports streaming market. Netflix has not because they have a large portion of their viewers outside of the United States. Netflix does not see sports streaming as an efficient way for their company to gain profits and also gain more subscribers. Netflix also prides itself on adding value to shows for its viewers. For example, Netflix offers viewers the chance to watch their favorite shows all at once, when a full season becomes available, you can pause your show on one device and pick up where you left off on another, and there are no commercials. All of these things would not be possible for Netflix to incorporate into live streaming of sporting events. Netflix also worries that major sports leagues will start to sell streaming rights directly to consumers rather than selling to another streaming service. For all of these reasons, Netflix is choosing to stay out of the sports industry and stick to what they do best.