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Fort HealthCare is one of CMU's longest running clients. Working on Fort HealthCare allows students to experience marketing research first hand from project launch to completion. CMU provides data entry and analysis for five departments including trend data for each quarter. Each week, students enter data and open-ended responses. CMU analyzes this data using SPSS. The findings are then used to track patient satisfaction over time.

Lake Geneva Women's Weekend is an event hosted by the Lake Geneva Rotary Club.  Students from UW-Whitewater's Creative Marketing Unlimited plan and oversee this event. They go to local companies in the Lake Geneva area and ask for sponsorship to help run this event, as well as to some local companies to host events.  Women's Weekend is a fun weekend for women to get away with their girlfriends!

UW-W Sustainability/Earth Initiative account focuses on a collaborative effort to educate, market and promote sustainability on campus. Through our partnership with the UW-W Sustainability Office we continue to emphasize the importance of incorporating sustainable practices into our everyday lives for the benefit of our future endeavors.

Rock River Stormwater Group is a coalition of municipalities located along or within the Rock River Basin.  The goal of this non-profit organization is to help reduce pollution within the basin's waterways.  The organization provides tips and practices to help reduce this pollution along with creating awareness of the effects pollution has in the surrounding areas.