Current Case: 2017-2018


The Collegiate Chapters Council of the American Marketing Association (AMA) runs an annual International Collegiate Case Competition that began in 1986-87. The Case Competition is open to undergraduate teams at schools that have an affiliated AMA Collegiate Chapter. The AMA Collegiate Case Competition is a yearlong event that brings together top marketing students to work on a marketing challenge submitted by a sponsoring organization. The Case sponsor provides a detailed marketing problem for which it is looking to gain the perspective of AMA’s best students, who will compete by developing a marketing strategy in a nationally recognized competition.

The Case Brief is a synopsis of what the Full Case will become. Through conversations between AMA and Mary Kay a Case Brief will be developed, presenting a marketing problem. Once the Case Brief has been approved with the Sponsor, an email announcement will be made of the ability for affiliated AMA Collegiate Chapters to submit Intent to Participate.

The purpose of the Case Competition is two-fold: 
1) To provide AMA Collegiate members the opportunity to work together on a problem that typifies a real, working marketing situation

2) To provide the Case Competition sponsor direct contact with the very best marketing students with possible real world solutions to their marketing problem

UPDATE: Our case made finals and we took 2nd place overall! Thank you to everyone who contributed!