Alec Roehrig

Co-VP of Training, Sales Corps

Alec Roehrig is a senior with a marketing major and a professional sales emphasis. Originally from Kimberly, WI. Fall ‘19 will be Alec’s 6th semester on board. He has held positions such as; VP of Fundraising, VP of Certificates, VP of Competitions (for 2 semesters) and is currently VP of Training (2 semesters). He has been on the AMA board as well as Sales Corps.

Outside of AMA, Alec really likes to play intramural basketball and softball.  He had a sales internship with J.J. Keller and Associates after his sophomore year and interned with Gartner this last summer in Fort Meyers, FL.  Alec will be joining Gartner full-time as an Account Manager in September ’20.  Alec enjoys watching football, golfing, and fishing.