Digital Marketing Blog: Week of 10/9/2017

With Twitter and Facebook on the rise, many marketers have steered new digital campaigns through these surfaces. Many resent this way of digital marketing and fail to see the profitable strategies most companies possess. With using social media, you can create a free page and it will only be successful if those followers purchase your product. So how do you get them to buy?

Starting is the easiest part. It is free to create a page, but you must be willing to invest in it to promote your account and business. Investing in paid ads or time for new engaging strategies. These strategies will need to be consistent. By staying consistent, followers will know what they can expect from you and attract others with the same core idea. It is important to post frequently on whatever platform you decide to use. This will keep you connected with your followers and keep them engaged daily. Being active on your social media will attract new consumers and get repeat consumers coming back for more. Social Media is a way for your business to exchange value. Customers will like or comment on things you post, and in return you should offer discounts or exclusive content to those. That will promote more users to purchase your product.

Social Media is a great way for you to connect with other people, especially potential customers. Do not treat your campaign as a company, think of it as an individual. It will attract more customers. Personal touches will make the user feel welcomed. With personal touches, you want to produce an interactive audience. The users who follow you but don’t interact with your brand are useless. Ask your audience questions, start a conversation, and share content to engage them.

 To have a successful social media campaign, you need a plan. The more you plan ahead with your social media empire, the more profitable it will become. Take account of all the interactions and content you want to show. Every action you make on your account will be critical to becoming profitable. You will need to post often, increase interactive content, and possibly hire more people. Including all these strategies should easily earn you a return on investment (ROI) for all your efforts. If you create a solid foundation, social media can be the highest-ROI marketing strategies. It all starts with a free page and a plan.