Event Planning Blog: Week of 10/9/2017

Six Ways to Engage Millennials at B-To-B Events

With Millennials being the up and coming generation to the business field, it is likely to see plenty of them at conferences these days. They actually make up one-third of the American workforce. Taking this into account, event planners have been rearranging their strategies to meet the needs and expectations of the newer attendee base.

To begin, Millennials appreciate it when people talk to them, not at them. It’s been found that it’s important to give them to option to speak, you can’t teach and show. Interactive chats have found to be a helpful solution, so that way this gives them the opportunity to voice their point of view and opinions.

Next, it’s important to make it “Shareworthy”. This basically means that shows are slowly becoming more visually pleasing and more interactive. “Young people like seeing the making and workings of things, they like seeing the progress, and these things were all very easily integrated into social media”. This encourages event marketers to make more aesthetically pleasing.

Incorporating play is also becoming an expectation for millennials. Anywhere from coloring to molding clay, millennials like to keep it light and fun. A good mix of education and entertainment is much appreciated. Walking into a space that has a high level of energy, play, engagement, and technology draws people in even more.

Letting millennials choose is also another way to meet the needs of millennials at events. Breakout sessions are a good option, but even more informal spaces can work wonders. Giving them the opportunity to choose whether they’d like to engage or not gives them a customizable experience. It’s all about engaging with educational material by plenty of different possibilities.

It’s no secret that millennials are constantly on their devices. Bringing a second screen experience to the phones of all of the attendees, gave them the opportunity to use the technology they feel most comfortable with.

Lastly, millennials like to be able to voice their opinion. So it’s an easy guess to say that it’s important to ask their opinion. This gives event planners more data to utilize for upcoming events, which also brings new ideas to try. “If we try it and it doesn’t succeed, that’s OK. At least we learned from it”, says Kelly Peacy.