Sales Blog: Week of 10/9/2017

This week’s blog is from an article called “7 Steps to Overcoming Objections.”  One tip, remain silent, it’s exactly what you would think it means.  It talks about asking questions that allow the buyer to talk about themselves, always better to have them talking.  Also, pauses in conversation aren’t a bad thing, it can allow both sides to gather their thoughts and allows you to think about what you want to say next.  Another good tip, trial closings, make sure you are getting the customer to see the benefit of your product and get them to say ‘yes’.  Make them think that they need your product and after each point, make sure it benefits them and that it’s something they want.  And a last good tip, ask for orders or to continue talks.  Either try to get them to commit to a product or try your best to set up another meeting, preferably with more decision makers in the room.