Sports Marketing Blog: Week of 10/9/2017

With new arena, Bucks look to market Milwaukee

Milwaukee is the biggest city in the state of Wisconsin and has many attractions for people to see such as the art museum, Harley Davidson, Summerfest, the State Fair, Miller Park and much more. The Milwaukee Bucks are currently finalizing construction on a new arena, the Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center in downtown Milwaukee.  The $524 million multi-purpose venue began construction in June 2016, and completion is expected in 2018. The new arena will be home to the Bucks but also to the Marquette Golden Eagles men's basketball team for the 2018-2019 season. This project is however much more than just basketball. Team and arena executives want to get major entertainment acts to stop in Milwaukee. The Bucks and Golden Eagles are currently playing their home games in the BMO Harris Bradley Center which is where a lot of our concerts are as well. The arena is 30 years old which is outdated compared to other NBA arenas. Now that a new state of the art arena will soon be complete, there will be major performers and international acts that will want to stop in Milwaukee. Along with the success of the Bucks, the new arena will serve as an avenue for new opportunities in development and growth in Milwaukee. “We don’t think there’s any reason why — especially logistically, geographically, monetarily — we (couldn’t) get the music acts. Part of the reason we haven’t is because we haven’t been out there to tell our story, to market, to sell,” Feigin said. “That’s really what we’re doing.” The city of Milwaukee is starting to revamp itself into a destination spot for many individuals in years to come. With large events like those along with concerts, family friendly performances, and more, it will greatly promote and market the city of Milwaukee as a great place for events and will greatly help the city’s economic state.