Event Planning Blog: Week of 10/16/2017

Last fall Snap developed a device for IOS and Android users to share content through a pair of shades. Known as Spectacles, the user is able to create video content that mimics the movement of the human eye via a 115-degree wide-angle lens. Pressing a button on the top of the glasses records a 10-second video up to three times. Storing up to 10 videos at a time, the footage can be synced to Snapchat over Wi-Fi or over Bluetooth for iPhone users.  Pushing experiential marketing to a whole new level, Spectacles not only tells a memorable story through first person perspective, but it enhances the onsite “in the moment” experience that is so fondly sought after. It allows brands and fans alike to document their experience without having to take out their phones and stray away from the moment.  Having significant potential in the event space, Spectacles can be found online in limited quantities or in a bright yellow, traveling vending machine called ‘Snapbots’ across the United States and Europe.