Sales Blog: Week of 10/16/2017

This week’s article is from an article called, To Be a Better Salesperson Be a Nicer Person, and it is exactly as the title sounds.  Sometimes when it comes down to it, a salesperson can develop all of the skills they want, but if they really want to be successful, they have to be kinder and nicer.  One way to show trust and kindness is to stick to your own method, don’t change what you are saying based on the customer, stick to one route and make it your own.  Another good tip to increase your likability, practice your facial expressions and work on your smile.  A quick way for a customer to have trust and see you as a kind person, something small that goes a long way.  And lastly, a good way to show the customer you are kind and actually care is to practice your curiosity.  Be interested and make sure to let them know you’re interested, it can make a big difference in the customer’s mood to you.  If you want them to be happy and helpful, you must be nice and caring to start.