Digital Marketing Blog: Week of 10/2/2017

Keith Wood, the author of this article, states that marketers need to follow the ‘5Cs’ to connect with their consumers. Weed spoke at a Festival of Creativity in 2012 and talked about a new marketing strategy. He says that even five years down the road, the principles of putting people first and building a love for a brand are still the main components of a marketer’s strategy.

Because the digital world is constantly changing and advancing, it can become tempting to go after the latest and best format. Since people can get caught up in the ever-changing digital world, Weed and his company decided to find a way to build their brands in this world. Their main focuses were to help simplify the digital landscape, make sure the consumer is one hundred percent the center of the strategy, and to shift the company from an organization to a marketing mindset. They finally landed on a ‘5C’ framework to help them connect to the digital world. The ‘5Cs’ consist of: consumer, connection, content, commerce, and community.

The first ‘C’ is consumer. In marketing situations, people always come first. As they become more complex, it is crucial to understand where the marketers’ brands should be present to gain total engagement. Once the marketers can understand the consumer, the next step is to connect with them.

To connect with the consumer, marketers must personalize their approach. To get the consumer more engaged, marketers need to use creativity to reach them at the right place and right time. Figuring out a search approach can help the company stay on top of their consumers and make sure they are at the most relevant places when consumers need them. After a connection has been made, they move to content.

Developing better content and a better approach to it is a key factor in gaining more attention. To gain attention, they need to build one-to-one brand experiences to reach a more personal level. Making sure your content answers all the questions a consumer would potentially ask and appealing to them is crucial in gaining their attention. After content is commerce.

Now-a-days, people are constantly browsing the internet for researching, shopping, receiving, rating, and reviewing. This is a great opportunity to be the brand that gives its user the easiest and best experience. Commerce is all about that great experience, which helps consumers make decisions when purchasing and their direct-to-consumer platforms.

Lastly, there is community. The main goal is to engage and connect with the communities that the consumers are a part of. Staying connected in your consumers’ community will help with business growth and drive innovation.

Weed says, “I often say we are no longer doing digital marketing, but marketing in a digital world. As marketers, we should always remember that digital is a platform, not a way of doing marketing” (Weed). It is important for marketers to constantly gain leverage on that platform to stay connected to the consumers and strengthen their brands.