Event Planning Blog: Week of 10/2/2017


After surveying some of the industry’s top B2B marketing professionals, some expert knowledge and predictions came to the surface. Here’s a quick run down of where they think the industry is headed, and how they plan to meet those demands by hosting some of the best conferences, trade show exhibits, and industry gatherings.

First, customization is key. Mike Trovalli, VP of Experiential Marketing at Sage thinks that events will become more tailored to individual attendees. He wants to provide a customized experience, rather than a huge event for a huge number of people.

Next, making it personal will be important. Victoria Lieffring, Associate Creative Director-Visual Display at Kohler, thinks events are going to become more and more personalized, specifically at tradeshows. She advises to create that connection by creating an inviting space at her booth. For example, coffee or snacks can help begin a relationship with the brand.

Event Planners will also begin to dig into the data more. “Events are going to become a lot more targeted and data-driven by their audience,” says Helen Stoddard, Head of Global Events at Twitter. She agrees that it’s also important to utilize technology to invite the right people, and then track and lure them in once they’re on the site.

“Get Your ‘Consumer’ On” is next up, with Jane Culcheth-Beard, head of Tier 1 Events at HP, who sees B2B events being more similar to the traits of consumer activations. She sees that there will be more individual choices on how the attendees want to spend their time doing. She also talks about the next topic, “Consider Thought Leaership”. With this, she sees a trend toward the introduction of issues into B2B events that affect attendees personally and professionally.

Lastly is dare to be different. Garett Carr, Global Auto Show and Events Manager at Ford advises to make the experience engaging, and that One-to-one marketing is becoming more and more prominent. “The people that can figure it out and execute it effectively and at low cost are going to be the winners”, says Carr.