Market Research Blog: Week of 10/2/2017

There are many different ways that one is guaranteed to be the best way to market your product or business. From simple print ads to Super Bowl commercials, your money can be spent hundreds of ways all trying to do the same thing. That simple to understand but hard to achieve goal is to grow your business.

Recently there has been a new wave of marketing that as gained a lot of popularity, this is call Experiential Marketing. What is experiential marketing? It's a type of strategy that engages an audience with a real-life invitation to engage with -- or experience -- a brand and what it makes or represents. It's participatory, hands-on, and tangible. These campaigns take an innovative approach to immerse the consumer in whatever they are doing while having your business on their mind. This attention to focus is different than simply sponsoring a stage at a concert or putting a billboard in a stadium. This is a hands on integrated approach that can really show off your business or product.

This sort of hands on approach bridges the gap between seeing a company and interacting with them. How many times have we simply seen a billboard on the road, read it, and just kept on driving? Most likely more than you could count. Experiential marketing wants to throw those old idea out the window. They want a touch screen monitor while you want in line for a hot dog that you want to interact with. One that applies to you, and most importantly, one that makes you want to learn more.