Retail Blog: Week of 10/2/2017

With all of the different college majors out there, you may find it hard to choose the one that suits you best, however if you’re into fashion retail, you are in luck.  Polimoda, one of the most prestigious fashion schools in Italy will be offering a masters degree in fashion retail management in a partnership with Gucci.  This collaboration will offer a great mixture of the insight and education of a top school, with the know-how and flexibility of a company such as Gucci.

            Retail Management has long been a college major offering from many domestic and international schools, however this major is bringing it to the next level of learning.  Fashion retailers different drastically from big department stores and small boutiques, so the way that they are ran and managed differs from the run of the mill retailer, paving the way for this new educational insight.  Gucci President, Marco Bizzarri, stated “In the last two and a half years at Gucci we gave clearly demonstrated that a new, contemporary and joyful retail environment… really makes the difference.”  Gucci sales have risen by 43.4 percent since the collaboration, and the brand has been enjoying the performance increase.  By Partnering with such a prestigious school, Gucci will also be able to reach young talent that can ultimately help Gucci going forward, while also providing an unmatched education to help further future professionals in the field.