Sales Blog: Week of 10/2/2017

This week’s blog is from an article called “A Guide to Jobs (and Careers) in Sales.”  This article makes you look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you are right for a sales position.  Talking a lot about the strong interpersonal skills you will need; such as communicating verbally with others, making strong connections and networks, as well as being hard-working and persistent.  After the self-evaluation it talks a lot about good tips you’ll need on the job as a salesperson.  The best advice given was to grow your network and to make relationships with as many people as you can, a good way to get jobs and future clients.  Keep your LinkedIn current and make connections through that media outlet too.  Lastly, it brings up tips when interviewing, you need to prove yourself to the employer and let them know you are there to work and you can handle any situation.