Sales Blog: Week of 11/13/2017

This week’s blog comes from an article called “3 Crushing Mistakes Most Sales People Make”.  The author claims that these are critical mistakes made by many sales people and most of the time they don’t even realize the mistake that they’re making.  Mistake 1- ‘You sell like everyone else’.  What the author means by this is that most people learned their sales skills from another sales person, who is most likely not an expert, causing bad methods to be passed on and on.  Advice is to seek out a sale expert or read up on things written by experts, why not learn from the best if you’re going to learn?  Mistake 2- ‘Make up questions as you go’.  Planning out questions to ask as a sales meeting goes on is the way to go, many people wing it or add in un-needed information while giving a sales pitch.  Before going into a meeting, make sure to write down the questions and topics you want to ask and cover.  Mistake 3- ‘You prospect sporadically’.  A lot of sales people don’t plan out their day down to the bone, but that is what is needed to meet sales goals.  Planning out how many calls to make, meetings to schedule, referrals to seek, etc.  A successful sales person will plan this out and make sure to have enough of everything to make and exceed sales goals.  Overall, it is very important to self-reflect and figure out how to improve your sales strategies, even if it means changing old tactics and seeking help or advice from others.