Social Impact Blog: Week of 11/13/2017

As in last week’s blog about social impact, there are times when social impact can hurt your image. Omar Rodríguez Vilá and Sundar Bharadwaj’s article, “Competing on a Purpose”, touch on a few social empowerment campaigns that went wrong, and the biggest tips as to how to create the perfect campaign.

The three main areas that effort is broken down to is:

1.     Building a Strategy

2.     Pair the List

3.     Defining the Brand’s Role

Overall, this article is a great representation of the many aspects that need to be taken into consideration when making not just a social impact campaign, but any campaign. It’s important to know what your company stands for, where it has been, and where it is going. The feelings of stakeholders and consumers matter. To do research on other impactful campaigns and studies is vital to observe what has and has not work. 


Personally, I loved this article. This eye opening article gives the ins and outs on the strategic moves and ideas behind creating a program in order to avoid disaster.