Digital Marketing Blog: Week of 10/30/2017

In the article, “Instagram: Why Your Clients Should Consider a Feature Account,” it discusses how hard it is to come up with new and original content to post on a company’s Instagram account. This is partially because there are over 800 million active monthly users, posting high quality pictures and videos. If you are marketing for a company that doesn’t have the professional photographs or videos, there is another option. The option described in this article is to create and run a feature account for the company. A feature account is an Instagram account that gets their content from other accounts by reposting it onto their own feed, giving credit to the account with the original post. There are two kinds of feature accounts.

The first kind of feature account is directly associated with the brand running it, which means they are only posting content that directly relates to their product.  An example of this is Spireside Candles, they post all their own products, but most of their content is created by their customers. Spireside Candles encourages customers to post creative and fun pictures of their candles to be featured on their page. Another example shown for a feature account that is directly related to the brand running it is Spearfishing Reviews. Instead of posting product pictures, they repost spearfishing videos from all over the world. It makes people want to go out and use their gear to spearfish.

The second type of feature account is one that is not directly associated with the brand. It is tied to a customer interest. For example, the Instagram account Smoothie Bowls is run by the company Coconut Bowls. Since smoothies are popular, they decided to create the account only around this colorful and creative dish. They repost pictures of smoothie bowls that other users take. It is definitely paying off for Coconut bowls, as they have reached 157,000 followers in 2 years. There are many benefits to running a feature account. Your customers come up with the ideas and do the work for you by creating fun advertising content for you to repost. From small to large companies, a feature account could mean new, creative, and free content supplied to you by the millions of Instagram users. You can create a feature account for any brand you can think of. There are not very many feature accounts, so there is a lot of opportunity for companies.