Event Planning Blog: Week of 10/30/2017

This week’s blog has to do with a side of event planning that many people don’t necessarily think of, when they think of event planning. This week, it’s all about Trade Shows. More specifically, how companies are becoming more successful at these events, by bringing the right things to the table. “The Anti-booth at Trade Shows” article gives several examples of how innovative companies are distancing themselves from traditional booths at trade shows.  They are looking to find a better outcome, with a more innovative approach. Given is a description of a traditional booth as “architecturally eye-catching style, bold signage, and with a lounge or meeting space”. But, with by ditching the normal criteria, some companies have decided to take the road less traveled. By creating a more inviting display, these companies are drawing a larger crowd.  For example, the article mentions that RAB Lighting created a booth with a grassy field made up of 1,500 pots of grass in the middle of Lightfair, the world’s largest architectural and commercial lighting trade show.  With these inviting and creative booths, the companies will likely be remembered, compared to companies that use the traditional booth tactic.  This is a unprecedented strategy, that is obviously paying off. The article leaves off with one small tip for event planners, booth directors, etc., and it suggests for companies planning for exhibits in 2018 to think “simple, alterative, clever and secretive”.