Sales Blog: Week of 10/30/2017

This week’s article is from a piece called “7 Motivational Tips to Survive in Sales”.  We’re only going to talk about a few of them but go into detail about what the most important ones are and why they are most important.  “Don’t dwell on defeat”: after you make a mistake, or something doesn’t go the way you planned, make sure to keep on trying and try even harder.  Learn from what you did wrong and change your strategy going forward.  Bad results don’t mean time and effort weren’t put in, or that you aren’t talented enough.  Sometimes you just must switch up your approach.  “Stay committed to your career goals”: you must not let things distract you from your goals.  Make sure all that you do is helping, and not hurting your goals you have set.  Keep your mind on the goal and try not to let other deals get the best of you, changing goals and paths a lot can get you off track and will prevent you from reaching the goals you set in the first place.  And lastly “Never be intimidated”:  you must have the mindset of that you can accomplish anything, and no one can stand in your way.  You must take control of your path and do all you can to be successful and reach your full potential.  Don’t let others think that they are better than you, put in the time and hard work and become better than them.