Sports Marketing Blog: Week of 10/30/2017

The age in which we live in is leaning more and more on technology to market to consumers. For sports teams, the use of social media to interact with fans is becoming more prevalent. The Golden State Warriors are the first NBA team to show Instagram stories at their games. This provides fans the opportunity to record a video while in the arena and have it be shown on the jumbotron.

With platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, it has become easy for fans to connect with sports teams and their players. Sending a simple message at an athlete on Twitter could result in the player connecting with that person where as if we didn’t have technology like this, they would’ve never gotten that experience. Major companies like McDonalds and Miller Light are beginning to sponsor live social media content during sporting events. Sports sponsorships increased by 4.3% in 2017 and are likely to continue rising.

Teams are able to broadcast full-length games or short highlights of the games using social media. If fans were to miss a game, they could go onto any platform and watch a recap of the game and instantly feel as if they missed nothing. Virtual reality is becoming a part of live sporting events as well. Wendy’s and Fox Sports teamed up to create a way for fans to be a part of virtual reality where they could watch the game together. The NBA provided content from the NBA Finals exclusively to Snapchat. The NHL also used Snapchat and its “beard filter” to have fans interact with the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Sports marketing is all around us, whether we realize it or not, and teams are finding new ways to bring the action closer to fans than ever before.