Digital Marketing Blog: Week of 11/27/2017

Digital Marketing is the Future of Customer Support


Over the last decade digital marketing has become a successful way to target customers. Customers are receiving ads on the internet, and receiving ads on their mobile devices. Certain apps automatically pop up advertisements. The promotion of products through technology has helped businesses tremendously. It is hard to get away from digital marketing when we are surrounded by it. Businesses know exactly what you are looking for, from your searches on the internet, what you like on different social media pages, and maybe even something you left in your shopping cart that they believe you should buy. Once you decide to buy that item in your shopping cart, customer support will be there every step of the way. They want to make sure you are satisfied with your product. Using digital marketing through customer support, businesses are able to communicate with you quickly over the internet. If your product you bought over the internet from an online ad does not meet your expectations, maybe the company will send you a chat message to help solve the problem quickly. Customer support done digitally is an easy tool to make sure businesses are building those long term relationships with the customer. 

In the article, “Digital Marketing is the Future of Customer Support” businesses should consider customer support tips that will keep their customers happy. One important tip is the content the user would find helpful. Certain questions the user may have about their product; others might have too. Frequently asked questions could be displayed on the customer support page. If the question does not match the frequently asked questions, the question could be answered in a timely manner over the internet in a chat window. This chat window could be displayed on the home page of the website. Customers who have questions about their product could type it in, and get answers moments later from a representative. Not only will the customer be pleased with the fast response, but they will keep you in mind for further customer support. They will know they can rely on you.

Another important tip is letting the customer pick how they want to connect with the content. Many people like to be able to visually view the content. In this case, make sure customer support is reachable on all important devices that have internet. Cell phones, tablets, and computers, should all have easy access for the customer. Cell phones, at times, do not properly load all pictures and data correctly. It is important to test out your content (according to the last tip for customer support). Make sure there are no noticeable problems with the content. These problem could result in the customer loosing trust in your business. To build customer trust takes time, but can be knocked down immediately if they come across problems.

The three tips in this article give businesses ways to use customer support as it becomes a big way to do digital marketing in the time ahead. Our cell phones, computers, and tablets are items we can not put down.  Digital marketing is a key tool many businesses use to their advantage. To use customer support in digital marketing is pure genius, and could be a major impact on your company in the future.