Market Research Blog: Week of 11/27/2017

Surveys can be a great tool for marketers to gain information that will help them in the future. Although, buying habits can all be tracked from within the company, Many times that does not paint the whole picture for the company to set up a marketing campaign. Specifically for content marketing surveys should measure the following:

·     Roles, demographics, and preferences of your users or audience (audience analysis)

·     Perceptions, expectations, and impressions of your content and your brand

·     Impact of your content on decision making

·     Impact of your content on offline behavior when no other method to understand offline behavior is available

When determining behaviors surveys should incorporate:

·     Who exactly is using or viewing your content

·     How people perceive your content and your brand

·     What people expected from your content, and whether it met (or exceeded) their expectations

·     What people intended to do when visiting or using your content

·     Decisions people made as a result of engaging with your content

·     Offline behaviors people took as a result of your content

If companies can successfully use surveys the content that they will create for their campaigns will be more accurately aimed at consumers and should be better received.