Sales Blog: Week of 11/27/2017

This week’s sales blog comes from an article called “7 Apps That Every Sales Professional Needs”.  This article lists seven types of apps that everyone in sales needs, I’ll cover the best ones and talk about the apps they suggest using.  ‘Document Sharing and Storing’- Makes communication easy and it allows all members of the sales team to use, see, and edit these documents and work together.  ‘Getting Yourself Out There’- Making sure to use FaceBook and Twitter to get yourself out there and talk about your successes, allowing others to see that success and pose as potential new clients.  ‘Knowing Who You Are Pitching To’- Make sure to do research on customers and figure out what they would like to talk about, as well as have knowledge of them and their companies.  The best app to help do this is LinkedIn, allows you to connect with others around the world and it can help you to do this research as well.  And lastly, a personal favorite to use for making the team connected and on top of sales goals, the best is to use Asana.  It allows others to see the progress being done and motivates, as well as you can assign and delegate through the app and make sure all work that needs to be done will get done.  That is it for this week’s blog.