Sports Marketing Blog: Week of 11/27/2017

It’s hard to imagine that someone who likes sports doesn’t know about the Ball family and their ridiculously priced Big Baller Brand merchandise. For many, the brand is a joke and doesn’t stand a chance to the powerhouses of Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Lavar Ball has constructed his own view on sports and through his sons, has been a marketing genius for the company which has done better than most people would have thought. This article depicts the way in which you would advertise your product to consumers and the way that Lavar Ball decided to turn his dream into a multi-million dollar reality.

The genius behind the madness is clear when looking at Lavar and his tactics. Appearing on numerous talk shows for ESPN and Fox Sports and being interviewed at almost every sporting event he attended, Lavar always seemed to know exactly what he was doing. In order to generate revenue, you need interest. What better way to get people’s attention than claiming to millions of viewers that your son was better than one of the best players in the NBA currently, and also stating that Lavar himself could beat Michael Jordan, the greatest player in NBA history. This accompanied by the constant attire of Big Baller Brand shirts, hats, pants, ties, and sweatshirts when on the select talk shows. The methodical approach to how Lavar would get his brand noticed is nothing less than incredible.

There have always been brands claiming to be superior than the rest. Big Baller Brand took the high-end route to stand out from competing companies. Shirts starting at $50 and signature shoes starting at a whopping $495. This generated countless debates and gave the company exactly what it wanted, free publicity. Although Lavar isn’t your stereotypical businessman, he has proved time after time that he can hang with the very best in the marketing world. No matter how crazy and unrealistic Lavar Ball sounds, there’s one thing that you must admire, his ability to draw interest to his company.