Digital Marketing Blog: Week of 11/6/2017

4 Easy Steps to Marketing Your Local Business Online


This video by Neil Patel for Entrepreneur Magazine was about how easy it is to market online. Before he describes the four steps, he notes that you don’t need a “massive budget or major brand” to market your business. He also mentions how to use google to market in your area and the best ways to rank higher on google search results. One of the biggest takeaways from this video was stating how reviews can really help you. Not only do they give an unbiased review for future customers, it improves your click through rate which means more people are likely to go to your website through google. The higher the click through rate, the better results you get through Google My Business. Lastly, the best way to market besides facebook and google would be yelp and tripadvisor. These sights are widely popular and give real reviews and accurate ratings. Using the described steps, it is clear how easy marketing a small business can be and that anyone can do it.