Event Planning Blog: Week of 11/6/2017

This week in event planning, we’re talking about how work and play is incorporated with adults and kids within entertainment events. In the article, “AT&T explores the intersection of tech and entertainment at its two-day SHAPE Event,” it brought some insight to what AT&T’s future holds moving forward with its recent purchase of DirecTV and its pending purchase of Time Warner. AT&T brought together technology, media, and entertainment for a two-day event called SHAPE. It was held at the Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles. SHAPE was created to help showcase AT&T’s role as a leader in the tech, media, and entertainment community. AT&T wanted to bring together like-minded artists and technologists who have an interest in that. The event not only catered to adults with interests in film and technology, but also to children. There was a creative camp for kids. This camp allowed for kids to explore their creative side and not only dig deeper into their filmmaking future, but also gave them the opportunity to see other rising kids with the same ideas and goals. Adults also benefit from this because they are able to see a new side of work and play, while exploring creative ideas with open-minded children. There were multiple celebrities who presented at the event including Academy-Award winning director, Kathryn Bigelow and Actress, Kate Hudson. These well-known celebrities with creative minds also gave rise to share new ideas and give creative and useful feedback to those who attended this event. With new technology arising, this event allows for many to become familiar with it and show the unlimited possibilities for the future. Overall this article is beneficial in letting people know what further developments are being made for AT&T, as well as for the future of technology and entertainment.