Market Research Blog: Week of 11/6/2017

As a marketer there a many things that you have to think about when creating an ad print. From size of font to what pictures you use, these decisions can have a huge effect of the success of the ad. What marketers and maybe even those consuming the ad may not realize what differences the colors of the ad can have on how one perceives it. In this blog I will be going through some of the colors you see in ads and what they mean and how they are interpreted.

Red: The color red symbolizes powerful emotions both negative and positive while also creating a sense of urgency. These reasons are why it’s very common to use red with sales. It attracts the personalities of bold, adventurous and energetic. Also, 9% of people consider the color to be cheap.

Orange: The color orange is considered bright, light and fun so it may suit a non-corporate brand. It attracts the personality of competitive and disaffect. A possible downside of using this color is that for males and female’s orange is there least favorite color 22% and 33% of the time respectively.

Green: The color green is synonymous with health in the eyes of the consumer, because of this companies whose focus is on health should consider using green. Green attracts the personalities of open, friendly and authentic. An interesting note is that it is the favorite colors of both men and female’s 14% of the time.

Blue:  The color blue is the color of strength and wisdom. Because of this it is a safe option to use for any company. It attracts the personality types of loyal, respectful and social. Lastly, it is the favorite color of men and women 57% and 35% of the time respectively. 

There are many colors you can use when creating your ad. So before you send it out to the public, do some research on what the colors you chose mean. If not, they might be telling the consumer the opposite of what the intention is.