Retail Blog: Week of 11/6/2017

American Eagle to open new prototype store



The nationwide fashion retailer, American Eagle, is diving into new territory with its new prototype store, AE Studio, which is set to open on November 10 in New York’s Union Square neighborhood.  The new store will be different in its offerings including a higher focus on denim, the ability to customize your jeans, and even doing your laundry.  The store hopes to bring in new and young customers and keep them longer with their customization process.  There are plenty of other additions to entice crowds such as iPads in the dressing rooms to serve the customers, a studio bar and seating area, and many more that are not usually a staple of retail outlets.  These unique offerings however have their downfalls.  AE will need to work hard to publicize and market this new store as well as portray all of the benefits of their resources to their customers in a way that makes them want to get the full experience from the store.  American Eagle has had great successes in the apparel industry for the past 4 decades, and judging by their new innovations such as AE studios, this trend does not seem to be ending anytime soon.