Sales Blog: Week of 11/6/2017

This week’s blog comes from an article called, ‘5 Ways Your Customers Can Help You Land More Business.’  First tip of advice is to “establish a personal connection”.  Those relationships you build can help to have repeat customers, as well as get referrals.  People will refer to others if their experience was great.  Next, “enroll your customers in your vision”.  Customers like doing business when they trust you, and that you both have the same vision and outcome for them.  They like to see what goes on behind the scenes sometimes.  Moving on, “educate your customers”.  Teach your clients, show them you care, and educate about your business ways.  Next, “equip them with the right messaging”.  Often when customers want to review a sales person, they don’t know how to do it or what to say.  Give them information to talk about and share, give them the tools to get you into their personal network.  Lastly, “reassure them of a warm handoff”.  When somebody reviews you, it is an insult to them if you don’t follow up on that lead.  They are putting their reputation on the line to help them out and the least you can do is treat this new customer the same way you did the other.  Make sure they know that you got the referral too, shows that you care.  Hope this gives some useful advice in your sales careers, enjoy!