Digital Marketing Blog: Week of 1/21/2018

5 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Shape Your 2018
By: TJ Kiely 12 January 2018

A new year means new things to come with digital marketing. Things change so rapidly nowadays and by keeping up with the latest trends and demands of the young generation. The first big change will be Videos on demand. The number of videos online and live streaming videos will increase greatly due to the three most popular social media apps, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. This brings up another big change of advertising for these popular social media apps, advertising within the apps. Having to advertises on these apps is going to be heavy competition this year due to excellent results for companies that advertised on these social media apps in 2017. 

Another change is chatbots will be making a large appearance in customer interactions during the new year. Chatbots have been found very useful to millennials when used for customer service according to the survey on Companies that do not plan to use chatbots this year will most likely fall behind their competitors. Chatbots have been used in the past, but they were not as utilized as they will be during this new year.

The last big change for the new year is stories on Snapchat, Instagram and now YouTube. Stories are a unique way of sharing a short video or photo for only a certain span of time. These stories are becoming more popular, as Facebook is now adding it to their app. Using these stories will be a strong suit for a Digital Marketing strategy and companies should use these stories to their advantage to advertise.

Overall, as we finish up the first month of 2018, there are multiple new trends coming out of digital marketing and companies should keep their eyes peeled in order to stay up to date.