Event Planning Blog: Week of 1/21/2018

In this week’s blog, we will go over a few really great tips for event planning that you may not think about as frequently as you should. As an event planner, you are responsible to create above and beyond the client’s vision. So to start off - make sure you are staying creative! This cannot be stressed enough. The experience matters, so think outside of the box and plan an event that will be unforgettable and have the attendees snapping and sharing photos (pics or it didn’t happen). Start relying on data. The decisions you make should be backed by data. It will be there to help you repeat and ultimately design better events each time. Be ready to think on your feet as well. Sometimes not everything will go as exactly planned and that is when you need to be ready to turn a disaster into a success. Also, invest in your learning and experience and get outside of your comfort zone. Although you may spend most of your time focusing on your own planning of events, it can be beneficial to see what happens outside of them. This will bring you new ideas to make sure you are only getting better and not falling back on what has worked in the past. With these quick and easy tips to keep in mind, they will surely help to have your next event being the best.