Market Research Blog: Week of 1/21/2018

Any marketer knows that the future of the industry is in the consumer’s pocket. 
The phone has revolutionized the entire game, and there is a wide variety of choices when looking for your next upgrade. Perhaps the most recognizable phone in the market its Apple’s iPhone. In late 2017, Apple released its new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus, but they have been slow to take off this time around. The iPhone 8and 8 Plus, start at $699 and $799, offer wireless charging, improved processors and new camera capabilities over preceding models but feature the same basic design.
    Per WSJ “During a call with analysts last week, Rogers Communications Inc. Chief Executive Joseph Natale said there was an “anemic appetite for the iPhone 8” across the Canadian wireless carrier’s network and “lots of anticipation around the iPhone X.” Wall street analysts have waived off tepid demand for the iPhone 8, saying weaker demand for it could benefit company if it sells more of the pricier iPhone X. Sales of more iPhone X devices would boost average iPhone selling prices and potentially lift annual revenue”.
What are your thoughts? Please leave your two cents about the future of the cell phone market.