Digital Marketing Blog: Week of 9/25/2017

In the marketing world, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. Digital transformations can be both thrilling and annoying due to constant changes in what is trending at the time.

Now-a-days, companies must adapt to the new marketing changes, or they will die out. Unfortunately, companies that have been operating for decades have a more difficult time adapting to these marketing changes. The key to competing and transforming in today’s world is to keep on learning. Nigel Morris, chief strategy and innovation officer at Dentsu Aegis, states, “When we’re skiing, if we lean back, we fall down. We must lean into transformation, much like skiing” (Morris). To continue the success, companies must be open to change and they need to keep looking forward.

To keep a positive and driving attitude to learning, it is important to redevelop skills and relearn what is new. Figuring out the latest tools and using them effectively and correctly will help companies learn new advancements and keep up with the latest trends. There are many participants involved in technical marketing repairs, so it is highly important to know which technologies are top priority when investing time and effort into them. Although it is important for companies to learn from their seniors, it is highly important to set the example of developing startups. Google and Facebook started up during the digital age and they have been the “millennials” of the business world (Mashable).

Marketing geniuses have created an artificially intelligent Chabot (AI), which is a cost-conscious technology that drives conversions. AI is transforming today’s business world and the ability to connect with customers. AI is all about the power of conversation; it can interpret tone, process information quickly, and interact with humans in a unique way. Mashable states, “Today, Artificial Intelligence Marketing is an increasingly attractive addition to a company’s technology stack.” Soon enough, AI will gain access to all things technology; from smartphones to things like Alexa. Artificial intelligence makes decisions outside of data strategies and rules set by humans, unlike machine learning, which stays within human programming. AI will be valuable not only within marketing campaigns, but with marketers themselves.

As the digital age continues to advance, companies need to adapt, embrace, and continue to learn.