Event Planning Blog: Week of 9/25/2017

Most businesses have hosted an event to help grow the company, given it is a major driver. Technology is easiest one of the biggest factors when it comes to changes in event planning. Technology is what is designed to enhance live experiences. In fact, 88 percent of event planners say that apps designed to enhance events increase the satisfaction of their attendees.

“The shift to mobile away from paper, changing from transactions to complete experiences and deeper engagement are just some of the main trends that will change the event/ticketing industries”, says Neetu Bhatia. Neetu Bhatia and some other small business owners are helping to drive more innovation and trends to change events that happen in 2017.

Data insights are the first trend that may come about, which is where event marketers will be using events to get insights about consumers. 83 percent of event planners said that the main drive behind events is increasing the profits. This technology will help predict future behavior. Plus, predictive analytics are helping companies in several industries stay away from making costly mistakes and look to target better approaches that will result in more growth. The industry can also benefit by tracking attendance data and modifying events to match behavior.

Events to drive customer loyalty will also be an upcoming trend, considering that an EMI survey found that 48 percent of companies find a return on investment around 3:1 to 5:1 after any event. So, more businesses will be looking to invest in ticketed events. They will also be focusing on more creative events that offer more unique experiences. This will provide an increasing number of consumers expecting authenticity in brands. This way, a transparent relationship will be established with potential consumers.

Lastly, technology advancement is growing and many of these solutions are being implemented by big brands. This creates more comprehensive solutions for the event industry. Exciting developments are being grown constantly, and they are helping integrate data-driven solutions.