Sales Blog: Week of 9/25/2017

In an article from Entrepreneur, called The 10 Laws of Sales Success, the author goes over many different tips and tricks to sales that can help any new business owner.  The first law is to “keep your mouth shut and your ears open.”  Pretty much explains itself in the title, let the customer do the talking and keep the conversation off you and your products.  The second law states that you should “sell with questions, not answers.”  Make them focus on what they need and want to fix, and then sell your solutions to solve their problems.  Skipping to law 5, “pay close attention to what your prospect isn’t saying.”  Try to figure out their body language and how they come across, figure out their mood and if it’s a good time to talk.  Law number #6 “if you’re asked a question, answer it briefly and move on.”  Continue to let them do the talking and make sure they want your product.  And going to the last law, “invite your prospect to take some kind of action.”  Get them to commit to another meeting or get them to think of you as not just another salesman.  That’s it for this week in sales.