Sports Marketing Blog: Week of 9/25/2017

Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant has admitted to a social media misstep that saw him criticize his former team and coach. In an interview at a tech convention Tuesday in San Francisco, the NBA champion explained that he was simply keeping a close relationship with his fans. Social media is a great way for fans to be active in athletes lives but, it could backfire like in this situation. A lot of social media posts about athletes or celebrities are usually praising them for all their hard work in their respective career however, sometimes fans use social media to bash or hate on that celebrity. In this situation, we have to go back to the summer of 2016 when Kevin Durant was a free agent and he opted out of his current ties to the Oklahoma City Thunder which means that Durant can go to any other NBA team. Long story short, Durant decided to leave Oklahoma City and take his talents to San Francisco to play with the Golden State Warriors who beat the Thunder in the Western conference championship game. Durant signed a contact with Golden State that was valued at 5 years and roughly $89 million dollars. Kevin got a lot of hateful social media posts from his fans because he left his current team to join the super team in Golden State that eliminated Oklahoma City from the playoffs in 2016. This past season, Kevin Durant and the Warriors, won the NBA championship over the Cleveland Cavaliers and Durant won NBA Finals MVP as well.

Ever since Durant left Oklahoma City, he has been busy on twitter responding to his fans hateful tweets directed at him. Studies have shown that Durant made different twitter accounts to argue back with his fans and one of the accounts he had was his high school basketball coach. Kevin spoke about the incident and he realized that what he did was wrong and he went too far in bashing the Oklahoma City Thunder. While he regrets ripping his former organization in public, Durant maintained that he does not feel repentant over clapping back at his “haters” or casually responding to his fans. "I don't regret clapping back at anybody or talking to my fans on Twitter, I do regret using my former coach's name, and the former organization that I played for,” the 2017 Finals MVP said.