Which Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns and Channels Really Work? 

Love is in the air and so is marketing. During the time around Valentine’s day, there are groups of people to target for advising, single individuals and couples. Last Valentine’s day, social sharing shoots up, especially on Pinterest. Since Pinterest is the top social media app around this time of year, it is a smart idea for marketing campaign. Focus on gifts that an individual that needs a gift idea for a partner can buy or for a loved one. A surprising fact is that 19% of consumers buy their pet a Valentine's Day gift. Advistring Valentine's Day gifts on Pinterest, Facebook and other social media apps for all loved ones is the best way to advertise. Not only is marketing for couples popular during this time of the year, but about half of consumers are single. To advise for single consumers, products for a popular non official holiday, Galentine’s day, from the show Parks and Recreation are popular for those single consumers. In order to be successful in advertising on all social medias this Valentine’s Day, hit on the key points of thinking of the consumers, where the digital marketing is taking place, rather it is a T.V. commercial, on a social media app or on a company’s website, always think of the different feelings around this emotional holiday.