Why Netflix isn’t Getting into Sports

There is a high demand for live streaming services for major league sports. So why doesn’t Netflix gain streaming rights of sports events for its subscribers. Netflix has the funds to afford such an expensive purchase, however, they just aren’t interested. Amazon and Facebook have already begun to get into the sports streaming market. Netflix has not because they have a large portion of their viewers outside of the United States. Netflix does not see sports streaming as an efficient way for their company to gain profits and also gain more subscribers. Netflix also prides itself on adding value to shows for its viewers. For example, Netflix offers viewers the chance to watch their favorite shows all at once, when a full season becomes available, you can pause your show on one device and pick up where you left off on another, and there are no commercials. All of these things would not be possible for Netflix to incorporate into live streaming of sporting events. Netflix also worries that major sports leagues will start to sell streaming rights directly to consumers rather than selling to another streaming service. For all of these reasons, Netflix is choosing to stay out of the sports industry and stick to what they do best.