Experiential Marketing Blog: Week of 2/11/18

Promoting Your Event on Facebook

Facebook is used by over 1 billion people, which is an enormous number but sometimes reaching people isn’t as easy as it seems it would be. This social media platform can be a great tool for promoting an event but there is a certain niche to promoting effectively. If your event page is set up well, it will be far more successful.  To start your successful page, choose a vibrant and exciting cover photo that will catch potential-attendees eyes. If it catches their eyes, chances are it will catch their friends’ eyes if they choose to share with others on Facebook. Secondly, choose the event name carefully. You will want something short but striking. Many Facebook users use the site on a mobile device which makes for a smaller screen; long titles will be cut short and passed by quickly. Next, make sure you have enough data in your event to help Facebook recommend it to users based on their interests. Some things to look at would be selecting the correct category, tags, demographic information, and avoiding sending out too many notifications that could potentially turn away attendees (you can always send out an update email or message with an important event change). Also, make sure there is sufficient data within the event page (date, time, place, etc.) so attendees are fully informed. Lastly, make use of your company page by promoting these events on there. Your company page isn’t a page that will come and go such as a Facebook event page, so this is a perfect way to reach the people already interested in these events and such that your company runs. Sharing content on your page about pre-event information could create excitement from standing attendees, helping to spread the word. Consider having a module in easy eyesight on the homepage for upcoming events. Take advantage of each space your event could be shown on. Facebook is used by the most users but it wouldn’t hurt to be putting your event out there on other platforms as well. Overall, using correct substance, advertising, and omni-channel event promotion can be a very beneficial way of getting people interested in your events. Best of luck to you in your next event promotion!