Snapchat Version 10.25

The social media network Snapchat which is loved by millions rolled out its new platform layout early last week, and with much surprise this new design has received a great deal of resentment. This update has been its largest since the launch in 2011. Snapchat’s young adult following is the center piece of this outrage with nearly half a million signatures on a petition to remove the new Snapchat update. There was even a fake tweet claiming that Snapchat would revert to its old design; this tweet got over a million retweets and became the sixth most retweeted tweet of all time. Version 10.25 is creating such a storm here is a couple of my favorite headlines so far:

·       Snapchat’s New Update Triggers Revolt by Millions of Teens

·       Here’s how to get rid of that terrible Snapchat update

·       How to use the new Snapchat 2018 update that’s people’s February

·       Celebs HATE the New Snapchat Update

·       Snapchat users are Furious over new update

Snapchat clearly has its hands full with the public but how are things going for the business itself? Over the best year Snapchat’s Stock price has dropped from $27 in March 2017 to $18 as of Feb 2018. With finances a little rocky the question remains as to whether it was smart to release a new update that could accelerate the companies down fall. In my personal opinion, the new version is not nearly as user friendly and snapchat should explore a new route. Drop a comment and let us know your thoughts.