Sports Marketing Blog: Week of 2/18/18

Winter Olympics Make Sponsors Bring Their Marketing A-Game


The Olympics is one of the most visible global marketing stages for brands that have money to spend. This year for the 2018 Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics, there are 11 official sponsors including Samsung and Coca-Cola. Philip Dobbs, the CMO for Bridgestone Americas, said, “the Olympics provide the brand incredible marketing value because Bridgestone has goals during the games to grow business in both new and existing markets.” Several different companies are using their Olympic sponsorship to send a different message to viewers. For example, Coca-Cola will be using their advertising time to simply focus on the “pleasure of drinking Coca-Cola,” while companies like Samsung, who is using their brand marketing position to “support anyone who faces barriers and has the courage to overcome them.” Something to note about not being an Olympic sponsor is that, if your company is not an official sponsor of the Olympics, you cannot provide social media commentary such as salutations to athletes, hashtags, or anything that would directly or indirectly associate your brand with the Olympics. Overall, the Olympics have proven to be a great way for global companies to advertise in many different ways. As said by Dobbs, “the partnership provides opportunities to engage directly with fans around their passion points – to educate them not only about our innovative products and technologies but also about what we stand for as a company.”