Digital Marketing Blog: Week of 2/18/18 
Staying up to date with the current digital marketing trends are a great way to keep performing efficiently. Facebook reports from 2017 are somewhat shocking. In the reports, it was found that people are spending less time on Facebook then in years past. Since people are spending less time on Facebook, ads are expected to go up in cost. Facebook is announcing a few changes, portal to take on Alexa and Google Home, to bring in more money. For twitter, if companies plan it out correctly, they can get there brand out there in the “moments” section on indiuvals twitter feed. Twitter is also working on making it easier to share videos. Once it becomes easier, this is a great way for companies to get those ad videos on people’s feeds to spark their interest. The last popular social media app talked about is Instagram. With instagram stories changing pretty often, Instagram as officially has more users than Snapchat does. This is huge because Instagram is going off of Snapchat having their stories first. Instagram has a few benefits that companies who are looking into digital marketing their company or brand should be aware of. Instagram has the recommended ads now that pop up on users news feed as they are scrolling by. Some people may be annoyed with these ads, but they are working because they are becoming more popular. Also, Instagram is going to be launching a new feature. Business companies will be able to schedule when ads or post will be published. This is interesting because companies can have it set up to post more often to get their company or brand out there more. The last thing mentioned in the article is about Google. Google has stayed pretty still with their ways but they have launched a new console which includes more data and analytics. They are also making it easier to find what users are looking for by putting the most relevant information at the top and working its way down. This will be useful for about almost every Google user.