Experiential Marketing Blog: Week of 2/18/18

How to Market to Generation Z

People of Generation Z are spending their money differently than generations before.  Opposed to previous generations buying tangible items, Generation Z is spending their money on experiences such as concerts and various events.  They would rather spend money on memories as opposed to materials.  With that, a struggle has come apparent as to how to exactly market such experiences to Generation Z.  In this article, the writer laid out five strategic ways to market events and experiences.  Ultimately, you want to make this an experience that they will never forget, and you can do so by following these steps:
1    Segment your target audience by using psychographics.
2    Focus the campaign on giving the customer something.
3    Use promotions, such as contests and sweepstakes, to attract people to the event.
4    Give out free merchandise (everyone likes free stuff).
5    Take A LOT of photos and video. 
Ultimately, attracting Generation Z to events is much like the saying “if you build it, they will come”.  If you give them reasons to be excited about your event or product by ways of experiential marketing, they will ultimately gain interest and participate.  Think about these five tips next time you want to attract Generation Z’ers.