Sports Marketing Blog: Week of 2/25/18

The NCAA Showcases Its Marketing Muscles During March Madness


Although the NCAA is a non-profit organization, they have done an exceptional job at marketing its March Madness men’s college basketball tournament, which is celebrating its 80th year. March Madness has become the most popular sports showcase for advertisers. The first thing that the NCAA has done to build their brand is with catchy names for the events such as March Madness, Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final Four, and Selection Sunday, which is the day the bracket is chosen. Consumers create hype for these events buy word-of-mouth, social media, buying branded products, hosting or attending branded parties, and participating in “bracket pools.” March Madness has also gained large amounts of media coverage over the last few years. They now have four television networks and many online websites, which enables fans to tune in from anywhere, with any of their devices. NCAA also greatly relies on social media, specifically Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, for marketing these events. Overall, the NCAA has done a superb job at creating their names and slogans, applying brand and promotion techniques, creates contests and apps, and providing fans with a tradition.