Times have changed with Digital Marketing. There is more to just posting on social media than some companies may think. First off there is providing customer service. Customer service is the key to getting a customer to trust a company resulting in a higher chance in a better chance that the customer buys from your company. There is also timing everything right and go beyond branding. By timing everything right and going over and beyond, companies can be live and interactive with customers. By using 3rd party sources, a company can stand out to customers on social media. Listening to customers and responding at a timely matter can show that a company cares about their customers. By responding within 24 hours to a customer can show that a person is actually being heard by the company. Companies should also try to get a lead by working with others and spending extra money if a company can. If companies have multiple individuals opinions on an advertisement going onto social media, it can be improved and stand out from other companies. By a company putting extra money into an advertisement, they can bring in more customers to help sell a company's brand or product. In the end, companies need to focus on their data and results over time to see if they need to change what they are doing on social media or if the company should continue what they are doing. At some point, things change and ever company will have to change to keep up with technology and society, but if something is working for a company, stick to it!