Digital Marketing Blog: Week of 2/4/18

What a $5.2 million Super Bowl ad can buy in digital media

By: Ilyse Liffreing January 29th, 2018

As the 52nd Super Bowl is Sunday February 4th, digital marketing comes into play with some non-sport fans favorite part, the commercial ads. Last year in 2017, 30-second time slots costed approximately $5 - $5.5 million before production and agency fees. Not only do the ads gain views during the football game, but they also get published on YouTube and Facebook after the game to advertise even more. The amount of impressions a company receives are an astronomical amount depending how much a company spends on the digital marketing ad.

$5.3 million Super Bowl ad can go a long way when advertising for some of the most popular apps. Snapchat is a big way for digital marketing for different products during the Super Bowl. Companies will create filters for the day of the super bowl to advise while supporting the football game. A company could get millions of impressions with $5.2 advistering on the social media app, Snapchat. Facebook is a great way for a company to receive impressions. When advistering during the Super Bowl, the commercials are usually posted onto Facebook. Having the viedos posted on Facebook causes the aderisvitng commericlas to recieve more views. $5.2 million dollars would ensure that every Facebook user would see the ad four times during the week of the Super Bowl. Instagram and and Amazon are the same way with having to be aware of how much they spend and where they spend it to get the right amount of impressions. 

The last thing the article talks about which I found very interesting is paying celebrities to post pictures advertising for the company. With the celebrities large amount of followers, the ad is viewed millions of times. Companies paying celebrities, like Selena Gomez, to post pictures on her instagram to advertise for their product and company. Overall, the more a company spends on a digital ad, the more impression and views the ad receives.