Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl 52 is here and while many people are excited to watch the game, more people are excited to watch the extravagant commercials. This year super bowl commercials sold for the most money they have ever been sold; $5 million per 30 seconds of commercial. Many companies, such as Amazon, have spent $15 million dollars on their 90 second commercial for the Amazon Alexa. The super bowl will also be featuring several other “classic” companies with their elaborate commercial such as, Coke a Cola, Bud Light, Doritos and Mountain Dew, Febreze, M&M’s, Pringles, and Sprint. Each commercial has its own fair share of funny moments, celebrities, new products, and bringing attention to societal issues. For example, the Coke commercial begins by saying, “There’s a Coke for he, she, and me, and them.” People are also loving the hilarious Febreze commercial with the “#BleepDontStink.” Sprint is focusing on today’s development of robots while comparing themselves to Verizon, Budweiser is focusing on their charitable contributions, and Pringles is featuring their first ever super bowl ad. This is just a start to all of the exciting commercials to be seen and comment on during this year’s super bowl.