“Plan the event you would like to attend”

Often times when attending different events, I have personally found myself thinking about what I would change if I were in charge of the event.  I can’t help but wonder exactly why certain events run the way they do, and I’m always eager to learn more about the people responsible for putting said event together.  The common theme amongst all events is simple however: people will plan an event based off their own vision.

As we all know, no two people are the same.  While some people do look the same, they have different interests, personalities and visions.  This poses a challenge amongst anyone planning an event, as they have to take that into account.  The challenge is to make something that you’re proud of while also making it appealing to other.

The simplest thing you can do is add little details to the event that you believe would be engaging to others.  For example, if you are planning a family reunion, fill a few bulletin boards with pictures of everyone throughout the years, or make dishes that are unique to your family.  If there’s a tradition that everyone in the family enjoys, include that event on a grander scale.  If there’s a certain color that most people tend to wear in the family, use that as inspiration for the cups and plates you buy for the event.  Subtle touches can be very easy to add and can help keep attendees more interested in the event.

Another thing to take into consideration when planning an event is to have a basic ‘schedule of events’.  It’s easy to set a date for an event, have people come and then go with the flow; but then you lack structure and [most importantly] planning.  Thus, it is critical to think about what you want to have as part of the event and make sure you allot enough time for it.  While going with the flow can be beneficial in certain circumstances, having structure for an event will ultimately allow your event to run smoothly and better reflect your vision.

The most critical part of planning an event is to have fun with it.  If you’re not having fun planning the event, odds are you may not have fun at the actual event.  Often times, about 90% of work on an event takes place before the event itself.  Simply, enjoy the entire process and the final result will be more rewarding.

It’s easy to book a date for an event and tell people to attend.  The most difficult part is to plan the entire occasion and make is run smoothly.  Thus, putting what you want to see come out of the event is the best way to ensure the event runs smoothly.  If you plan the event you want to attend, not only will you have a better time planning and running the event, but your attendees will also enjoy attending something you put so much effort into.  It’s with this that you will get the most out of the event.