Seven Trends in Sports Marketing

The article I found this week focuses on seven trends that rule the sport marketing world. Those trends are: Merchandising, Gaming, Digital Marketing, Virtual Reality, Associating with a Social Cause, Reaching Out To All, and In-Stadium Experience. Kailash Kandpal does a great job giving a brief but accurate description of why each of these points are important, not to mention I agree with all seven of these points. Take gaming for example: Madden NFL and NBA 2K, as well as FIFA and NHL are big sellers in the video game world. NCAA Football hasn’t had a game in a long time, but people still hope it will make a comeback one year. Even Intramural Sports here on campus has gotten in on the craze, setting up an E-Sports League this year, where people play each other in sports video games. Another example of its importance comes from Associating With A Social Cause. For example, Chris Long, defensive lineman for the Philadelphia Eagles, donated his entire salary for the 2017 season to education and scholarships for kids on the Philadelphia area.

As stated before, I think Kailash is correct in saying these seven trends rule sport marketing, especially from the experiences I have had with sports. Obviously technology is very important in today’s society, but so are in-stadium experiences or having athletics stand up for a cause that is beneficial to the community, so you can give the fans a reason to come to more events. Conveying a positive image about your program, especially using these seven factors, is important for any program to get more people to recognize you.

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